Fitness plans

Would you like to smile like this after a race? I can help by creating a customized plan to build strength and stamina whether 5k race or marathon.

The best investment you can make is in yourself.

Individual Classes

HIIT? Yoga? Strength Training? Do you just need a quick class to get you moving? Classes for one or a group start at $40

Couch to 5k

You’ve heard the term before, but how do you get there. Let me take you from a sedentary (or even active lifestyle) to crossing the finish line of your first race. Plans start at $200

Run Coaching

Are you a runner (even if you have only run 1-2 races, you are a runner!)? Looking to increase mileage? Train for longer races? Need some fine tuning in your training? Plans start at $300

Personal Training

Looking to gain strength? Get moving? Need to lose weight/gain muscle? Or just looking for something new? Tailored workout plans with or without weights. Plans start at $300

Adam really knows how to tailor workouts to his students. He offers options and variations to fit all levels

Shawn J

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