Well hello again

Hey Friends, it’s been a while! Wait, is it still 2020?? Oh my so much has happened this year and still a month to go. I have cheered friends to the finish line in marathons, organized and opened a new business and kept my head on during this crazy time. I have been away workingContinue reading “Well hello again”

Ch ch ch changes…

Life takes so many twists and turns, sometimes you have to just hang on tight! Life has been crazy over the last few months, but it shouldn’t be long before things start to change again-I believe “normal” is quite a ways off, but at least we can start seeing each other and getting out toContinue reading “Ch ch ch changes…”


We all have them-job, family, life, money and on and on. Think back to February (I know it seems like a year ago!), what were your fitness goals for 2020? Now fast forward-how are you doing with those goals today? So many times, we get tied to a goal and when it starts to slipContinue reading “Goals…”

New reality, who dis?

As I write this post, I should have been training for the Maple Grove Half Marathon, to be held this upcoming weekend. Of course, as many races, this one was cancelled. The new reality for runners, no races, sad face…. But! You can do other things-a new friend of mine, ran her own first annualContinue reading “New reality, who dis?”

What a weekend!

Wow! This past weekend was one for the books! I was excited leading up to it all week and it did not disappoint. I was part of 2 public events, both very different, but both brought joy in many ways. I recently became active in the 5K Conversations Everyday facebook group. This group runs aContinue reading “What a weekend!”

If not now, when?

It’s a mad, mad, mad world. So much anxiety So much pain. So much… What can you do to control your corner of the world? Without question, the #1 thing you can do is to improve your health. A healthy body fights off disease and dis-ease. A healthy mind keeps the negative away. A healthyContinue reading “If not now, when?”

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