Why choose me?

I am Leslie

What? Leslie was a term used in a training I took to represent the middle, the average, not the “best” or the “worst”. Most of us don’t have dreams of running a sub 3 hour marathon, or rocking a handstand. What we all want is to improve from where we are today. Maybe you haven’t run a 5k or taken one yoga class or even lifted a 5 pound weight, but as humans, we all strive for something better than we are today. Since 2015 I have lead over 2000 fitness classes, ran over 20 races and at 50 years old, feel like I am in the best shape of my life! Let me give you the tools and training to help you achieve your fitness goals.

e-RYT: Registered Yoga Teacher with over 1500 classes taught since 2015

CPT: Certified Personal Trainer ACE Fitness 2017

CRC: Certified Running Coach UESCA 2020

TRX: Certified Instructor May 2020

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