Training season is back!

Summer is back in Minnesota (we hope LOL). It is that time when marathon runners of all speeds start to look to early fall for the next goal in their running journey. Have you taken the plunge for that next big race yet?

I get asked a lot “why do I need a coach-I just put the shoes on and run”. While that may work for some, many of us need accountability and that person to check in with to make sure we are on track for the next race. Even coaches need coaches-while I have the tools to run races, a different approach or opinion could take me to that next level or PR.

A good running coach will help you create a plan of action and then hold you accountable. Knowing that life gets in the way, we will also help you adapt plans to fit your schedule and life and make adjustments along the way.

If you have never thought about hiring a coach, hit me up and we can chat! I offer a range of plans to fit different needs and budgets. And if you feel your training is going great-awesome! Best of luck to all my fellow runners, I am always cheering you on to that next finish line!

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