Well hello again

Hey Friends, it’s been a while! Wait, is it still 2020?? Oh my so much has happened this year and still a month to go. I have cheered friends to the finish line in marathons, organized and opened a new business and kept my head on during this crazy time.

I have been away working for a new fitness/wellness space in Maple Grove, Viracity. We offer fitness and wellness services. Unfortunately, we are mostly shut down due to the pandemic, so more time to work on Adam 🙂

As I look at my new spare time, which has grown quite a bit, what am I doing? Am I “doom-scrolling” or staring at the TV, or some other time waster. Now don’t get me wrong-I watch plenty of TV (currently binging Clone Wars and Ozark-so good!!) and do plenty of time on the iphone. But I also challenge myself to put the phone down, stand up frequently and find something more constructive to do with my time. The most important thing is to get moving-grab a buddy and walk or run (6 feet apart of course), or just go for a walk. Roll out a yoga mat and move for 10-20-60 minutes, it doesn’t have to be 90 minute hot yoga class, you can find so many ways to move. It has never been easier or cheaper to find movement/fitness led by experienced, skilled trainers.

The challenge I have to you is to support those you respect and know that work in our industry, it is hard enough to make a living to share our passion, but even more in today’s world. So look at your friend group and see if you know any fitness folks and take a class from them, share it with others, be a supporter so they can continue to do what they do best.

I will be offering classes on instagram from time to time and look forward to sharing my passion for fitness with you. Thanks for reading!

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