Ch ch ch changes…

Life takes so many twists and turns, sometimes you have to just hang on tight! Life has been crazy over the last few months, but it shouldn’t be long before things start to change again-I believe “normal” is quite a ways off, but at least we can start seeing each other and getting out to do some things we enjoy again.

So how has the ride been for you? Are you just holding on? Or have you grabbed the wheel and said-” I got this!” and hit that accelerator? While life includes so many things, let’s just focus on your health and workouts.

What are you doing now? How has that changed since March? Does it fill your cup? Does it keep you on your journey of health and wellness or on pace for goals you set for yourself. While somethings are out of your control (like gyms are closed) so many things are still available to you-online fitness, fitness equipment and just getting out for your run. While our minds can drag us down while we are trying to accomplish our goals, it is how we deal with these challenges that shapes where we end up. If your goal was a marathon in August-boom the race is cancelled-damn! Well, did you stop training? If so, why? Did you let that setback set you back? Do you think you cannot run your own marathon?

Change your mindset!

No, running your own marathon is not the easiest thing, but running in an organized race doesn’t make running 26.2 miles easier, other than water stops, cheering crowds and fellow runners. But guess what, if in your heart of hearts, you wanted to run 26.2 miles in August, you still can! Just put the shoes on and get out and train. No, it won’t be easy, but big goals and dreams are not easy and never will be. Organize your friends, family, join a run group to help you get there, you got this!

If you are looking for help to get your goals in 2020, hit me up, I have tons of ideas and I will keep you accountable. Let’s get it THIS year, don’t wait to accomplish your goals.

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