We all have them-job, family, life, money and on and on. Think back to February (I know it seems like a year ago!), what were your fitness goals for 2020? Now fast forward-how are you doing with those goals today?

So many times, we get tied to a goal and when it starts to slip away (perception), we begin to let go of the goal or keep adjusting it. Did you have designs on running a marathon this year? Were you training for a big race? Were you working on weight loss? Some people have thrived in this new reality and really gotten a great fitness routine going-but many, have let go of goals because it is “too hard”, “I don’t have access to a fitness center”, “I am too depressed” or so many other excuses.

While I can appreciate mental health is so important, especially in this new reality, you need to find the motivation somewhere. There are plenty of ways to get physically active and if you are a runner, you can still run outside. Sometimes you just need to go and do something-run one mile (or even one block), take a short online workout (so many options right now) or just go out and move around. I read recently someone who ran a marathon in his yard (yes 26.2 miles around his house-crazy!) or even someone that ran around his living room to get the miles in.

So, my challenge to you is-look at your previous 2020 goals-can you still attain them? If you need to adjust, do it today, write them down and keep yourself accountable. We are on social media more than ever right now-so tell you friends what your new goal is-ie I am running a marathon this year-then watch as your friends will keep checking in to see how it is going-perfect motivation!

Best of luck in whatever your new 2020 goals are and hit me up if you need some motivation!

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