New reality, who dis?

As I write this post, I should have been training for the Maple Grove Half Marathon, to be held this upcoming weekend. Of course, as many races, this one was cancelled. The new reality for runners, no races, sad face….

But! You can do other things-a new friend of mine, ran her own first annual (and hopefully last) half marathon. She named it after herself and had lots of socially distanced friends cheer her on. She was to do the Eau Claire Half, but decided “heck I’ll do it anyway”. Congrats and great job to her!

So this brings the question-what are you doing in this new reality? I personally am upping miles in hopes of running some races this fall and will probably run a few halfs this summer. While the thrill of the crowds and finish line are gone for now, we can still feel rewarded by accomplishment. Join a running group online, we love to talk about running at the 5k Conversations on Facebook-join us! Or somewhere else where others are going through the same race withdrawal.

So go put those shoes on and run! And then find your people to share it with, they are out there!

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