What a weekend!

Wow! This past weekend was one for the books! I was excited leading up to it all week and it did not disappoint. I was part of 2 public events, both very different, but both brought joy in many ways.

I recently became active in the 5K Conversations Everyday facebook group. This group runs a 5k every day of 2020 and has a conversation about something-anything really. Since the world changed, it has became the 5k conversation everyday-we gather via facebook live and chat with JC, our fearless leader. This weekend was the 500k conversation-a 50 non-stop hour of 30 minute conversations, each lead by someone new. I lead on Friday at 3:30-first up after JC in hopes of not feeling the pressure of comparison after watching others talks. I loved it, conversing with others I have never met, but connecting on many shared experiences. Over the weekend, I listened in many times (even while on a run-no music! a first for me) and now have a whole group of new people that I connected with during different conversations and many new connections. If you are interested in joining-check out the group on Facebook-everyone is welcome!

The other event was the Ready, Set, Sweat Minnesota on Saturday. 5 hours of different workouts lead by local fitness professionals. I lead a 45 minute energizing (and apparently challenging 🙂 ) yoga practice. It was awesome to be included and hope to do it again if the opportunity is there.

I mention both of these as a way to get you to think-what different things can you try in this new normal we live in? There are so many people just like you out there, eager to make new connections. I believe at the end of this, I will have so many new friends and it will be awesome!

Keep moving friends-the weather is finally turning, the days are longer and warmer. See you out there-hit me up for a buddy run (6 feet apart of course:))

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