If not now, when?

It’s a mad, mad, mad world. So much anxiety So much pain. So much…

What can you do to control your corner of the world?

Without question, the #1 thing you can do is to improve your health. A healthy body fights off disease and dis-ease. A healthy mind keeps the negative away. A healthy sense of self helps everyone.

As a yoga instructor, I can teach you to let go of the noise and find your mind/body connection. As a Personal Trainer, I can teach you how to use exercise to keep your body healthy and strong. As a Running Coach, I can teach you ways to get those legs moving towards a real or virtual finish line. I combine my experience in all 3 areas to coach you to better health and a better you.

I first came to fitness in my 20s, looking to loose the paunchy teen I was in High School. I took up different fitness regimes over the years. In 2008 I found Yoga and was hooked right away! I abandoned most of my other fitness for Yoga as I loved not only the fitness part, but the “letting go” part as well. I came back to other fitness in 2016 and became a CPT to help others along their journey. 2017 brought me to the running world. Inspired by my partner, I started jogging and found I was a decent runner right away. I started running organized races and was instantly hooked again! This time on the thrill of the finish, the award of a medal and the pride from the accomplishment. Now over 20 races in, my pride grows with each new accomplishment. I am excited to teach others the tools to start and keep running, no matter the goal.

So back to my question, if not now, when? We suddenly find ourselves with some-maybe a lot-of spare time. Why not take this time for personal improvement. Your future self is ready.

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